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04/22/2018 - Topic: Listening to the Earth: Living Shamanically in the Modern World
Speaker/Spark: Justin Everett

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Speaker: Justin Everett 

Listening to the Earth: 
Living Shamanically in the Modern World 
In an era where many people treat the living Earth as so much raw material for human consumption it is important to understand the value of treating the Earth as sacred, as our ancestors once did. When sacredness is located in the living word around you, then every act is a potentially sacred act, for the land you walk on, the water you drink, the food you eat, even the air you breathe is part of the living Source which some people call "God." In this talk I will describe my path to animism, paganism, and shamanism as well as its influence on my attempt to live in sacred relationship with the living world.

About Justin: 
In his day job, Justin is a college professor and writing program director at a Philadelphia-area university. He has spent most of his professional life teaching and writing about writing program administration, science fiction, and popular culture. However, after a life crisis Justin awakened a long-slumbering interest in ancient lifeways, and soon discovered that a vibrant community of pagans, animists, and shamanic practitioners existed in the Philadelphia area. After receiving training in shamanic lifeways, he began practicing shamanic healing and leads a Meetup Group called Children of the Earth, which focuses on living in sacred relationship with Mother Earth. 

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