Sunday Celebration

11/12/2017 - Topic: The Reality of Spirit and How to Access It
Speaker/Spark: Yanni Maniates and Rich Braconi

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The Reality of Spirit and How to Access It 
with Yanni Maniates and Rich Braconi

Spirit World is very real. Join Rich and Yanni as they share stories of their experiences over the years with Spirit and how these experiences have impacted their lives and how you, too, can touch in whenever you wish.

Yanni has been teaching Intuitive Development, Meditation, Healing, Hermetic Wisdom, Ancient Mystery School and Metaphysical subjects for 30 years. He has successfully trained hundreds of people to deeply develop their Intuition and taught even more people how to meditate. He is the author of six Kindle books on Meditation and Intuition, three Meditation CDs and numerous courses. As well, he has been doing “Soul Readings” for decades. The primary focus of his work is to help people experience the “still, small voice within” or as he prefers to call it, “The Embrace.” In addition, he is doing work on the international and national interfaith scenes with Unity.Earth as a subtle and spiritual activist.

Rich is a self-taught Spirit Medium, Spiritual Life Mentor and Medical Intuitive.  About 8 years ago, Rich learned how to maintain a spiritually centered existence that enabled him to communicate
with spirits, receive knowledge from higher wisdom, sense medical imbalances, see future events and even see past lives.  Now, Rich provides Lectures on Spirituality; Spirit Mediumship and Intuition Coaching;  Public Mediumship Galleries; and Private Mediumship and Medical Intuition Sessions. Rich in the process of completing his first book titled, "Being More of God".  

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