Sunday Celebration

10/15/2017 - Topic: Signs, Wonder and Grace
Speaker/Spark: Cass Forkin, Founder of Twilight Wish Organization


    Cass Forkin

By understanding how the Universe speaks to us, and responding with a big “Yes!” we are led to experience wonders, and gifted with the power of amazing grace.

Cass will explore how her recent trips to Israel and Bimini created opportunities for following Spirit’s direction in unusual ways, with unusual results!

Twilight Wish was founded by Cass Forkin in Bucks County, Pennsylvania in 2003 after a life-changing encounter with several elderly women in a diner. It was clear to Forkin, as the women were counting out their change, that they could barely afford even a simple buffet lunch in a diner, so she anonymously paid their bill. The women insisted on knowing who treated them and approached Forkin’s table saying “We didn’t know there were still people out there like you. We thought you had forgotten us.” The mission of Twilight Wish is to honor and enrich the lives of deserving seniors through wish-granting celebrations that connect generations. Their vision is to make the world a nicer place to age, one wish at a time.

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