Sunday Celebration

08/06/2017 - Topic: We Are So Beyond Belief!
Speaker/Spark: Peter Moses

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Peter Moses

We Are So Beyond Belief!

What we are is indescribable. . . but it’s fun to try!

The Human Race is evolving to go beyond thought, beyond judgement and reactivity.

It’s a wonderful process playing out in time and space.

The most amazing thing is that while all this transformation is taking place in the world –in all its wild & crazy drama --- what we are is always and only available Right Now!

Peter will share some of the self-limiting beliefs he has watched fade away forever.

You are bound to recall similar and liberating experiences!

Join us for a Sunday Celebration of the Awareness that peacefully watches beliefs come and go. Music and laughter too of course.
Like many of you, Peter Moses has enjoyed the blissful shrinking of personal identification. There is nothing in this world that can approach the joy and freedom of an ever-deepening residence in timeless Being.

About Peter Moses: Peter is now co-directing The Mindful Experience for Children. He is seeing just how natural, open and joyful young kids can be with being still, being grateful, being compassionate and Being Here Now.

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