Sunday Celebration

07/30/2017 - Topic: The Heart's Wisdom
Speaker/Spark: Laura Matson Hahn

“Follow Your Heart” is a universal mantra passed from one generation to the next.  But what does that mean and how does it work and can one truly follow one’s heart a whole life long? This became Laura’s quest at a very young age. Then in the 1990’s, Science discovered the heart’s brain and documented its intelligence, confirming the universal belief and opening a window for Laura to share what she had learned from Science and Experience of living true to one’s unique Heart Wisdom. 

“What Dat and Why” were Laura’s favorite childhood questions and still are. Raised in a large family, her interest in the arts, culture and human nature were nurtured. After earning a BA in Performance of Literature and an MA in Communications, she developed a career in Strategic Communications which took her throughout the world. After 20 years, she transitioned to writing for magazines and children’s books and teaching creative writing, before beginning her life-long dream of writing a novel about living from one’s heart.

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