Sunday Celebration

07/23/2017 - Topic: My Journey
Speaker/Spark: Gwendolyn Jackson

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Gwendolyn Yvonne Jackson
"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

My Journey
As a child, I was always fascinated about God and The Holy Spirit. I began asking questions, Who are you what do your words truly mean? There is one passage that has always stayed with me through it all.


What does MEEK mean? Who are the MEEK? Through many years and seeking I discovered some answers. Meek to me did not mean strength or being strong. But it came to mean the opposite. I have come to the knowing that it means standing in strength of who I AM in the inheritance of "Earth."

I will be speaking on my journey and where itr has lead me. The Healing and acceptance of my shadow that has given me an understanding of who I am.

As a Spiritual In”tune”ative Conductor I work with the energy of the soul and spirit to clarify problems, develop solutions and provide tools to discover the true you - bringing your soul in tune with its own song. If you are asking what are her credentials, what experience qualifies Gwen to be a Conductor to assist people to "Sing the Song of my Soul” - the answer is simple: Through my meekness with God (Spirit) I took a journey of Self which led me to study Life and to be open to Spirit leading me to be A Healer of Soul.

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