Sunday Celebration

07/09/2017 - Topic: The Communication of Higher Wisdom
Speaker/Spark: Rich Braconi

Rich Braconi

An explanation of how our spirit receives knowledge that 
divinely guides us in life and will explain God.

I am a Spirit Medium, a Medical Intuitive and have grown the understanding of how to spiritually connect, receive and understand universal truth. Several years ago, I decided to pursue my belief that within all of us exists a “divine presence”. If a divine presence truly existed, I was going to do my part to allow it to prove itself. I began with an honest reflection of myself. Which was no easy task at the time. I released ownership of any false images I was holding onto. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was beginning to learn how to evolve my spirit and change my life! I devoted much time in learning how to listen and receive the knowledge I was lacking and looking for. I learned how to quiet my mind. This opened my ability to sense all that was true and good. My life began to be guided in new directions. Eventually, during what I thought was a routine moment of my day, the most amazing clarity of understanding occurred. It was as if I was given a “new set of eyes”. I began to sense, receive, connect to and understand a universal “truth”. One that was created and designed to unite and progress our way of being. I found that my life had a new pace to it, much more peaceful then I ever knew. The abilities contained within my spirit began to grow. I started to record the knowledge that was being shared with me. I now have over 300 hours of recorded dictation. My progression continues, I have grown the ability to have conversations with many types of spiritual beings, sense and correct many physical imbalances within the human body, see past lives and expand my understanding of a universal truth. These past years have been filled with incredible people and amazing experiences. I am very grateful for every moment!

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