Sunday Celebration

06/25/2017 - Topic: Meet the Maasai
Speaker/Spark: Phyllis Eckelmeyer

   Phyllis Eckelmeyer

Phyllis Eckelmeyer will share her personal story of meeting and helping the Maasai, an indigenous tribe of Kenya, E. Africa.

Phyllis Eckelmeyer, a resident of Doylestown, PA for 42 years, has enjoyed a variety of careers that includes teaching kindergarten, establishing and directing T.H.E. Respite Adult Day Care, and social work for Bucks County Children and Youth Services. For the past 22 years she has also been modeling and acting. While traveling to an audition in NYC in 2004, Phyllis amazingly met five Maasai warriors from Kenya. In 2005, she co-founded the non-profit Maasai Cultural Exchange Project to help the Maasai drill wells, educate their children and empower women. The goal was also to bring a cultural exchange experience to the school children and adults in our community. Phyllis has long been involved in community service and has enjoyed travel, experiencing other cultures and modeling on QVC.

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