Sunday Celebration

06/11/2017 - Topic: Turning Points
Speaker/Spark: Rev. Laura Barry

Rev. Laura Barry

Turning Points

Turning points are those events in life that profoundly change us. Whether ego-guided or spirit-guided, grand or subtle, it is an important moment in our course in life. We’ve all had them, whether intentional or not. Laura will share some of her turning points and wants to hear yours. Together, let’s explore the ways spirit guides us.

Laura L. Barry is an author and life strategist. Her life’s purpose is to support others in getting out of their own way toward achieving their potential and passions. She is a follower of the principles in A Course In Miracles, and teaches it in various settings. Laura coaches, does motivational speaking, and helps facilitate retreats for those healing from trauma, illness, or the general difficulties and stresses of life. Laura’s most rewarding work is as a Hospice Chaplain, supporting those crossing over and their loved ones. Laura is mostly a student of life and thoroughly enjoys its classroom. She does have more formal credentials, like a BS, an MBA and her M.Msc (Masters in Metaphysics.) Laura has published articles in American Nurse Today, in the Mind Body and Spirit section is a guest blogger for many and has had numerous book signings and radio interviews.

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