Sunday Celebration

01/21/2018 - Topic: Attic Wisdom - Becoming at Home with the Eternal
Speaker/Spark: Rev. Karen Schultze

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Rev. Karen Schultze
Attic Wisdom- Becoming At Home with the Eternal

The soul passes through 7 various stages in each of our lives. Karen will explore the 5th of these steps, "Attic Wisdom", where you become at home with the Eternal. When you begin to realize that your life is more than a disconnected puzzle of events, it opens you up to a whole new way of living. It is very much like climbing up into the attic of an old house. Hence “Attic Wisdom”. For those of us that can remember, attics were magical places where dead things came to life and transformed us in the process. Join Rev. Karen as she discusses the attic door that is within each of us 

Rev Karen Schultze is a 2010 graduate of COM Ministry School. In 2010 she formed her company Lovingly Done and so far has performed close to 100 weddings as well as other milestones of life ceremonies. Karen now resides in Intercourse Pa. She is a 16-year member of Lily Dale Assembly the center for Spiritualism in the USA. Karen has always been an avid applier of Abraham Hicks teachings. She is a practitioner of Psych K and rewiring your beliefs. Currently Karen is an enthusiastic student of both Human Design under Christopher Powers of Australia and Emotion Code. She has just begun a 12 week Stand Up Comedy course.

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