Sunday Celebration

04/30/2017 - Topic: Attention: The Greatest Gift
Speaker/Spark: Lisa Gidholm

Lisa Gidholm

Attention: The Greatest Gift

Are you a multi-tasker extraordinaire? Do you race around trying to accomplish as much as possible as quickly as possible? Not Lisa – She is finally beginning to embrace her innate desire to Uni-Task. To focus on one person or task at a time. She is coming to realize that it is the greatest gift she can give herself and the world. 

Lisa Gidholm is an avid reader and is incessantly curious about the world. She not only questions everything and thinks outside the box but wonders if there needs to be a box at all. She as been an Intuitive Bodyworker blending Massage and CranioSacral Therapy for over 20 years. Both her undergraduate and Massage Therapy degrees are from Sweden where her entire extended family lives. Coming from a Heart Space and walking softly in this world, she is finding her place. Now that she has found a home at Circle of Miracles she is a passionate advocate and is determined to ensure its continuation and growth. She is set to begin Ministry School in the Fall.

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