Sunday Celebration

04/09/2017 - Topic: Overcoming the Illusion of our Fears
Speaker/Spark: Greg Campisi

Greg Campisi

Overcoming the Illusion of our Fears

Fear can run our lives in many seen and unseen circumstances, in big and little ways. Are you allowing it to hold you back or moving forward despite it? See it for the illusion it is and discover how to put your own desires and goals ahead of it.

Following an awakening at the age of 30, Greg Campisi began a spiritual journey of self-reflection, meditation, and soul searching. His journey sparked a thirst for truth, peace and love not only for himself, but for others. His path led him into the healing practices of Reiki, IET, and Reconnective healing and along the way, a desire and vision emerged for something grander. In 2012, Greg was guided to create an organization to help people on their path of Awakening. He learned that no matter where a person was on their path—Awakening for the first time or a gifted old soul—they were all looking for community, support, and ways to help others evolve into a more loving, collective consciousness. He is now founder and director of Awaken Center for Human Evolution, a non-profit dedicated to helping humanity open its heart, expand its consciousness, and spiritually evolve.

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