Sunday Celebration

04/02/2017 - Topic: Native American Smudge Ceremony and Sacred Medicine Wheel
Speaker/Spark: Cyndy Paige

Cyndy Paige

Native American Smudge Ceremony and the Medicine Wheel

Cyndy “Snake Dancer” Paige will use her drum to lead us in a Native American Smudge Ceremony. She will then share about the connection, peace and unity with Spirit, the Earth Mother, and our higher selves, that is possible when we live our lives in relationship and balance with the Sacred Medicine Wheel of Life.

Cyndy "Snake Dancer" Paige received her name from Spirit in a profound Vision Quest experience.  Snake is often seen as a healer and teacher in both Native American and western medicine traditions.  Cyndy is of Muscogee Creek and Choctaw heritage and is a Council member of the Buffalo Trace Society. She has completed a several-year, initiatory-type apprenticeship with a Cherokee medicine woman, and studied extensively with a Lakota shaman, a master drummer, a Grammy nominated sound healer, a pioneer in the world of past life regression, and numerous healers.  She facilitates one-year shamanic apprenticeships, solo vision quest experiences, solstice and equinox retreats, numerous workshops, and is a guest speaker at conferences and independent schools.  Cyndy also has a private healing practice, and creates, and assists others to create, Native American medicine tools such as drums, rattles, medicine bags and other ceremonial objects. She humbly honors her teachers, both seen and unseen.

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