Sunday Celebration

09/24/2017 - Topic: Trusting Synchronicity
Speaker/Spark: Clara Cataldo, M. Msc.

Rev. Clara Cataldo, M. Msc.

Trusting Synchronicity
Synchronicity - we all experience those unexplained events that open the veil between the physical and non-physical.  Those events that remind us there is an intelligence  - a source that seems to weave itself through everything - sewing us all into one. Sometimes those events come when I least expect it (or want it) and leads me to the most authentic joyous experiences whether I agree at first or not!

Rev. Clara Cataldo was ordained as an Interfaith Minister from the Circle of Miracles in 2002. She is also a Reiki Master-Teacher, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reflexologist and Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator. Clara has had a life-long passion for metaphysics and all things "spiritual". She founded Place of Peace, LLC shortly after ordination with the intention of providing a sacred space where individuals, through a variety of workshops, classes and sessions, acquire tools to assist in awakening their inner knowledge, promoting the natural healing process of the mind, body and spirit.

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