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The Circle Of Miracles Master of Metaphysics (M.Msc.) Ministry Degree Program is a 2 year program offered to current ministers.

This program will Explore Consciousness and “Mastery of Being” through the study of Science and Spirituality and the Development of Personal Awareness, resulting in a Deeper Relationship with God.

Areas of Focus

A Course In Miracles is a carefully created curriculum that offers students a unique opportunity to undo beliefs and thought processes that are not of Spirit. Through daily exercises, meditation and course reading, students learn the fundamental distinction between the real and the unreal. We will also explore what it means to be a Teacher of God.

The Enneagram, the oldest human development system in existence, helps us understand who we are at the psychological, spiritual and practical level of personality. Humans are motivated in one of nine ways in their approach to life. Each of the nine styles has its own internal logic and integrity and none is better than another. Each correctly perceives a part of reality and has an area of "expertise." Each style has strengths, talents and advantages as well as limits, pitfalls and blind spots.

Through meditation, experiential exercises and in-depth conversation using this powerful tool, students will increase their personal and professional effectiveness, deepen their relationship with themselves and with God and create a foundation of compassionate understanding of self and others.

Personal Awareness
Unearthing U Teachings
A farmer often tills and enriches his soil to prepare it for annual plantings. This cultivation allows seedlings to blossom and flourish in fertile soil free of weeds and debris. Just as the farmer uncovers and removes debris, rocks and weeds hidden underground during cultivating, the Unearthing U™ process clears out hidden beliefs and belief systems from the mind's conscious, subconscious and unconscious aspects.

This process teaches you how to Honor, Respect and Value every emotion that shows up because it is providing important clues to revealing behavioral patterns, belief systems and locating where self-healing is ready to occur. Through the Unearthing U™ program, you will learn emotions are your PGS - Personal Guidance System - to discover where healing is already beginning.

Working with The Guides, our University of Life Professors in spirit form, you will learn new ways of thriving, unravel old patterns and reveal new possibilities.

Science and Spirituality
Science and spirituality both search for universal truths. Science searches for the truths of the physical world and spirituality searches for the truth of the nature of consciousness. Both realities are created from patterns of energetic vibrations that resonate throughout the universe. We will explore how science and spirituality merge and how we can become conscious receivers and transmitters of the will of God.

Thesis Requirements

A culminating scholarly project is required. Each student will select an independent thesis topic/workable question to study and submit an explanation of this topic/question. Upon approval of the thesis topic, students will search and evaluate evidence related to it, providing periodic updates to the academic board. Students will then write a final paper, defend it to the faculty, and present it to their peers.

Student Commitment

The richness of this program for each student will be directly related to the time, effort, and priority that s/he is willing to give to it. Since we are energetically connected, each student's commitment to the program will directly impact on the growth of the class as a whole. With this in mind, the academic board holds the following expectations for each student:

Punctuality: Students will arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of each class, allowing time to “settle in,” so that classes may begin promptly as scheduled.
Responsibility: Students will complete and submit assignments reflecting scholarly work by due dates stipulated by the instructors. Also, all financial obligations will be met as agreed upon.
Ownership: Students will take ownership of their strengths as well as their limitations, their talents as well as their needs, and be generous in sharing assistance or direct in seeking help as necessary.
Confidentiality: Students will participate in creating a safe space for heartfelt sharing by holding any personal information revealed in the strictest confidence.
Respect: Students will honor the opinions of others and maintain an openness to new ideas through sacred listening which “allows” rather than “judges.”
Participation: Students will complete all required reading, arriving at class ready to engage in discussions/activities, knowing that each person has gifts to share which deepens the experience for the entire class.
Attendance: Students will attend each scheduled weekend plus the retreat, informing the academic board of any extreme/emergency situation that would prohibit their full participation.


Application: Please complete this application.
Personal Interview: To schedule an interview please call the office at 215-598-8002.

Class Dates 2013-2015

Fri  7:00-9:00 - Sat 9:00-5:00 -  Sun 1:30-5:00

2013 - 9/20, 21, 22
2013 - 11/15, 16, 17
2014 - 1/10, 11, 12 (snow: 1/17, 18, 19)
2014 - 3/21, 22, 23
2014 - 5/16, 17, 18
2014 - 7/18, 19, 20 (weekend retreat)
2014 - 9/19, 20, 21
2014 - 11/14, 15, 16
2015 - 1/9, 10, 11 (snow: 1/16, 17, 18)
2015 - 3/20, 21, 22
2015 - 5/15, 16, 17
2015 - 7/31, 8/1, 2

M.Msc. GRADUATION: 8/16/2015