Reiki Classes - Magic Hands for Children


Hi! My name is Brynn, I'm twelve years old. I've been a Reiki channel since I was seven. I help my mom teach other children about Reiki.

I think teaching Reiki is so exiting, fun, and important, that it's not easy to explain this feeling with words. Reiki helps me feel good about myself in lots of ways. I feel happier, smarter, calmer, kinder, and healthier than I felt without Reiki. Being able to offer other kids a chance to feel better about themselves is the best thing I can think of! Teaching and sharing Reiki is giving and getting at the same time!

So many people have never heard of Reiki. I think it's time for everyone to know. That's why my mom and I decided to write this book.

  So, what is Reiki anyway?

Reiki is a Japanese word which means Universal Life Energy. Energy is invisible. We can't see energy but we can feel it when we begin to notice. Universal means it's everywhere. Imagine the Universe being inside a huge invisible bubble of Reiki Energy. There is nothing in the whole Universe that's not already inside Reiki. Life, of course, is life. We don't need to understand what life is to be alive. We just are.

Reiki is simple to use. There is no way anyone can do it wrong. It only works for helping. It can't work to harm or hurt. That's why it's perfect for everyone, even little children.

Reiki is smart. It knows exactly what to do, where to go, and how to help. We don't need to do anything except put our hands on someone, something, or ourselves to Reiki. Kids are very good at letting the Reiki work by itself. Sometimes adults forget the Reiki already knows what it's doing. The more we remember to trust the Reiki the stronger the Reiki can flow.

  So how does the Reiki get into us and flow out of us, anyway?

To turn our Reiki on forever, Reiki Channels need to get what is called a Reiki Attunement from a Reiki Teacher. The Attunement turns on little energy centers called chakras, which we already have in our head, neck, chest, and hands. Now these energy centers are very tuned in to gather Reiki Energy. Then, the Reiki flows into our head, down our neck and into our chest. Then it flows down our arms and out of the little energy centers in the palms of our hands.

Once you have your Reiki turned on, you can reiki anything you can touch. We give Reiki by putting our hands directly on something and then we say to ourselves, "Reiki on, please." Just like it takes a while for the water in your garden hose to fill up and come out, it takes a few momemts for the Reiki to fill up inside of us and then it flows out of our hands.

Reiki feels different to people, but most of the time Reiki feels very, very warm. My hands sweat too. Especially when I play my saxophone. My mother's hands feel buzzy when she uses Reiki. You will discover how Reiki feels flowing from your hands once you start using Reiki.

  Would you like to know how I use Reiki?

I Reiki myself before I go to sleep every night because it keeps the Reiki strong and I feel better when I'm filled with Reiki. It's kind of like when I feel tired and grumpy if I'm hungry and tired. I always feel better after I eat and rest. Reiki is another way to energize myself so I can feel great.

I also use Reiki a lot with my feelings. When I feel nervous about anything at all, I just put my Reiki hands on my belly. That helps me calm down and I even get some really good ideas after my nervousness goes away. Reiki helps me feel smart and make smart choices. I just feel happy when I remember I can use Reiki to help myself with every worry.

I'm very thankful that Reiki taught me a new way of looking at my feelings. I'm learning so much about myself also. I used to be kind of afraid when I began to feel sad, angry, or embarrassed, because I thought it meant I was not OK. But now I know those feelings are not who I am and that everyone feels bad sometimes. I use Reiki on myself and it helps me feel better, It helps me talk about how I feel. Sometimes I think up very creative ways of expressing my feelings. When I do that, I always feel better fast.

I use Reiki mostly on myself, my dog, and my family. You can use your Reiki any way you can think of.

Remember that Reiki is loving, gentle, smart energy that we can always trust. Reading about Reiki is important but it's not as exiting as discovering for yourself what you can do with Reiki.

Maybe I'll see you at Reiki class. Bye.