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with Tania and Greg Stewart
Starts:  3/24/2018 3 PM
Ends:  3/24/2018 6 PM
Location:  Circle Of Miracles
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Tania and Greg Stewart

Brazilian Healing Circle
Tania and Greg will demonstrate a type of trance mediumship that is very rare in the United State--the channeling of “spirit doctors” and spiritual entities for the purpose of healing. Over the past 8 years, they have treated more than 8000 people.
After a brief spiritual talk, prayer and meditation will help raise the "current," or energy, which can help with physical and emotional healing, and spiritual development. 
Next, trance mediumship and hands-on healing will be demonstrated, offering you an opportunity to sit in current, as well as receive individual and group healings.  Feel free to attend both events, because the effects from energetic healing often multiply over time.

There are numerous spirits that participate in these healing circles, including some who work with John of God in Brazil.
·         Bring an unopened bottle of water for blessing.
·         Bring a photo of anyone you wish to receive a healing.
·         White clothing is suggested.
Tania is a natural born medium from Brazil and has offered her services as an unconscious trance medium since childhood.   In 2004, she was involved in a near-fatal car accident, resulting in a broken back. After two months of spiritual treatment from John of God, Tania recovered from her injury. She was then asked if she would assist John of God with spiritual surgeries. Tania accepted, and met her husband Greg that year at the Casa.  Greg is also a conscious trance medium and practices “laying on of hands.”
$50 for Each Session

To Register: call Susan Duval at 215-348-5755 or see www.SusanDuvalSeminars.com

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