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with Tom Osher
Starts:  11/26/2017 2 PM
Ends:  11/26/2017 4 PM
Location:  Circle Of Miracles

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Opening to Your Higher/Larger Self 
with Tom Osher 

When you agree to incarnate on Earth as a Human being you agree to, at least initally, FORGET Who You Really Are!  I, Tom Osher, have made REMEMBERING who I was, beyond my Present Life, one of my Major Life Goals!

My "Far Memory" started spontaniously, in childhood, with many of my Past Lives here on Earth. I was already a Masters-level Psychtherapist when I started doing Hypnotic Regressions to Past lives for others in the mid-70's and became a Certified Hypnotherapist in 1986. Inspired by Edgar Cayce, I came up with my own modality, where I first put my Client in touch with their Larger/Higher Selves, before exploring further areas. It proved much more powerful than traditional hypnosis!

In the past couple of years I have been remembering detailed visions of my experiences in Higher, non-earthly, Levels of Reality including Astral, Akashic, Archetypal, Causal, Celestial States of Being. Let me help you to remind yourself of when you were a Master Co-Creator or something equally inspiring! We are all awakening into our Multi-Dimensional Natures.

My modality of Higher Self Work can help you recover these memories of the Larger/Higher aspects of Yourself. I have found that the integration of such Memories to be Empowering and that it's easier to Love, Respect and Admire your Larger Aspects than your Limited Imperfect Human Self! It's like the OPPOSITE of Shadow Work!

Those who participate in this workshop will experience the modality of Higher Self Work and should recover a variety of experiences.

Inner Travel Fee $39

For questions or to RSVP:  Tom (267) 235-5057 tomosher@gmail.com

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