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Simona Manenti
Starts:  7/21/2017 6 PM
Ends:  7/21/2017 8:30 PM
Location:  Circle Of Miracles

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Simona Manenti

Healing Journey of the Heart and Soul

Hello to all and Welcome :)

Tonight we will be guided on a healing journey supported by many Healing Divine Beings that are wanting to help us at times in need. July is another intense month on many levels. On a Physical level, many of you may be experiencing skin conditions, gastric conditions, nose and the areas around issues, spine complaints and feet and ankles. On an Emotional level, we are being pushed further down to connect to our deepest fear which originated around the age of 3-5 years old and younger.

Right now there is a strong energy pull to make us feel discouraged by experiencing obstacles while in pursue of a goal, so we may connect with unearthed fear of failures; or you maybe finding that many doors are closing or not opening at all, leaving you feeling lost and or helpless and powerless, or you maybe experiencing frustration for again getting so close to what you wanted and desired for a long time to just see it going out the window. Bouts of anger are also part of these energy matrixes. 

This is a guided healing meditation, where I will personally work on each one that will be present by providing the space and energy required for a deep cleansing, opening and attuning of all the energy bodies and all other bodies. 

My Bio

My name is Simona Manenti and I have had the ability from birth to walk among the angels, Divine beings and spirit guides. The healing expertise comes from a lifetime of experiences, knowledge and skills acquired through a combination of formal training in the medical field, training in various energy Healing Therapies and mostly hands on healing techniques. As one client told me recently: “You have this tremendous gift of unearthing the most deeply routed traumas that create so many struggles for many and liberate them of their pain in just minutes……”.

With the ability to see clearly into my client's soul, I very gently provide a safe space to allow and gain knowledge and understanding about what ones obstacles may be and empower my clients into opening to better possibilities in their life journey and facilitate growth of the mind, body and soul.

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