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with Marlene Harding
Starts:  3/12/2017 6 PM
Ends:  3/12/2017 7 PM
Location:  Circle Of Miracles
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Free Demo - Qigong for Wellness 
Classes start Sunday evenings April 2 - May21
Ongoing Thursday mornings - Cost: $199

Qigong for Wellness with The Dragon’s Way is a six-week program based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Learn TEN simple and powerful Qigong ‘energy’ movements designed to awaken your body’s ability to heal. Discover why Qigong is practiced by millions of people around the world for its health benefits. According to TCM, as long as Qi, or energy, flows smoothly throughout the body, disease and illness cannot set in. Qigong helps stimulate the flow of Qi throughout your body. Learn the power behind these movements in this unique series of six classes that combines education with movement practice. Gain insight into the amazing connection of body, mind, spirit and emotions, and how each affects your health and weight. 

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Marlene is the owner of Inside Out Solutions, LLC.  She is a consultant, coach, and Qigong instructor.  She brings a unique perspective and innovative approach to her clients and students.  In her programs she provides practical tools and an awareness of how mind, body, spirit and emotions can impact one’s overall wellness and ability to lead.  Her thoughtful, creative and life enhancing programs help to increase self awareness and reduce the impact of stress from the inside out.

Questions:  Marlene Harding, Qigong Instructor
                     marlene@insideoutsol.com / 610-247-2416 

Contact: Glenda Smith 
                glenda@circle of miracles.org / 267-218-4254 

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