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Facilitated by Cynthia Lamb
Starts:  3/12/2017 2 PM
Ends:  3/12/2017 4 PM
Location:  Circle Of Miracles
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Taking It Deeper: A 2-hr Journey Towards Greater Freedom
Lacking self-acceptance? Confronted by fear-obstacles? Struggling to stay positive in today's world? Bring it on. Whatever is upsetting your peace is actually the fuel for your spiritual transformation! In this experiential workshop, participants have the opportunity to shift and heal at the cellular level through individual processes, group exercises and Q & A.

About Cynthia:
Cynthia Lamb is a conscious channel, healer, teacher and spiritual counselor working internationally to facilitate deep personal transformation. After an initial awakening at age 18 during a near death experience, Cynthia spent the next 20 years integrating her personality with the will of her soul. After lots of trial and error, she figured out how to embody her truth and Knowing on every level of Being. She currently offers an accelerated path to Self-Realization through workshops, one-on-one programs and group programs.  www.vibrantfreedom.com

Cost: $25

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