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with The Rock Girl, Allison Hayes
Starts:  11/10/2017 6 PM
Ends:  11/10/2017 7 PM
Location:  Circle Of Miracles
Rock Girl Stones.jpg

 Sacred Rock Sale 

For the first time ever, Allison Hayes will be offering stones from her Private Collection for purchase to the general public.  In other words, you do not need to be enrolled in a class or scheduled for a reading to benefit from this opportunity.  Allison has the most unbelievable collection—you will see rocks you have never seen before, and the quality is unmatched.  As a High Priestess of Stones, Allison gets first dibs on the containers of rocks that arrive at US ports from Brazil and Madagascar—even before shop owners, big distributors or the huge expo sellers.  

When Susan Duval went down to Asheville NC to visit Allison, she was most excited to see her warehouse of rocks—and she was stunned!!  It was ENORMOUS with rows and rows of rocks, stacked in boxes from floor to ceiling. Susan has been asking Allison for several years to make her rocks available for sale to the Bucks County community, and THIS IS IT!!!!

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