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With Simona Manenti
Starts:  3/18/2017 12 PM
Ends:  3/18/2017 4 PM
Location:  Circle of Miracles
Simona Manenti

The Psychic in Me
If you ever wondered what it means to have psychic abilities, or if you already do but would like to get better at it, or if you want to open yourself up to your gifts, this is the workshop for you.

During the workshop we will cover these concepts:

• The 5 Clairs, Clairvoyant, Clear-sentient, Clear-cognizant etch

• What is energy and how to use it.

• Empath: curse or blessing?

• How to do readings & practice of readings

• Attunement to Higher Angelic frequency

• Connecting to our Spirit Guides

• Practice, Practice, Practice

Please bring the following items: notepad and pen, a picture of someone that is on the other side, an object that belongs to you or someone you know closely, a crystal ( I will have extra if you don't have one) and any other object you already use in your practice or that you feel guided to bring.

No limits on experience levels since you will get personal attunement and mini reading of what you need to grow in your healing or psychic abilities.

Looking forward working with you all beautiful Souls, blessings Simona

Cost $50 - Payments can be made by cash, checks, and credit on site, or pre pay at paypal using my cell number 215-3506915

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