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Meditation Session with Simona Manenti
Starts:  3/29/2017 7 PM
Ends:  3/29/2017 9 PM
Location:  Circle Of MIracles
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Simone Maneti

Archangel Metatron and the Temple of Creation 

I equate Archangel Metatron's power to that of a super nova. This supreme being's ability to break through illusions and limitations is unparalleled. He accomplishes this by instilling determination and fearlessness in all that need him.

He will work through Simona delivering a message of "Creation versus Illusion" for all those that will tune in; and in the process, we will be shown how to build or access a pre-existing  Temple of Creation

Meditations are free, but donations are welcomed and can be done through Meetup. Your generosity is truly appreciated and will go towards paying for expenses and allow me to do more.

Looking forward seeing you all, love and light, Simona 

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