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Facilitated by Tom Osher
Starts:  8/10/2017 7 PM
Ends:  8/10/2017 9 PM
Location:  Circle Of Miracles

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Facilitated by Tom Osher

The Charmed Circle at Circle - A Metaphysical Salon
Every 2nd Thursday of the month
Donations gratefully accepted   
For questions or to RSVP contact Tom:
(267) 235-5057; tomosher@gmail.com
This Meet-Up is where the Local Metaphysical Stars come out at night!  I, Tom Osher, will choose and interview a different Established or Rising Star from our local Spiritual Community who would be ordinarily be a speaker at Sunday Celebration or Work Shop Presenter at Circle of Miracles or Pebble Hill. This will be a more intimate weekday venue with more personal interactions than their usual presentations. Love Donations appreciated, but no one will be turned away.

This Month's Topic

We have Dr. Steven Greer's latest movie, "Unacknowledged", along with one of our leading local specialists in matters Galactic and Extraterresrial, Cindy Olivia!  She runs a Galactic Meet-Up at her home on Monday evenings and periodic CE-5 Protocall meditations. 

Of all the ET Experts, I find Dr.Steven Greer, MD the most credible. He has amassed many hundreds of hours of video testimony of ex-Military, ex-Intelligence and ex-Military Industrial Complex first hand witnesses, not to mention physical evidence and above Top Secret documents. He made this movie to get the public up to speed on what your Secret Government & Space Program have been up to since WWII! 

Click here for a preview of "Unacknowledged": 


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