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Facilitated by Tom Osher w/guest Gary Schoenburg
Starts:  4/13/2017 7 PM
Ends:  4/13/2017 9 PM
Location:  Circle Of Miracles
This month's guest: Gary Schoenburg

The Charmed Circle at Circle - A Metaphysical Salon
Every 2nd Thursday of the month

Facilitated by Tom Osher

Gary Schoenburg is one of few people I know to have been on a Conscious Spiritual Path in High School! He was so attracted to one of the Indian Gurus that his parents intervened with an attempt at "Deprogramming" him! He persisted in his Path and chose an altruistic career path by earning a Masters Degree in Counseling from Temple University. He also is a Certified Hypnotherapist.

Gary worked in a variety of Clinical Counseling positions throughout Philadelphia's treatment system and became a Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist. He still sees private clients although he is now one of the top administrators at one of the city's largest Community Mental Health facilities. He has pioneered the use of Holistic techniques within his organisation.

Gary has had an important leadership role for many years with the Pebble Hill Interfaith Church. He began to have his own personal interactions with Spirit when he began channeling an archetypal Guru called Baba. He later channeled a version of Yeshua/Jesus called Sadana.

He has been a good friend to me and our local New Age Community.

The Charmed Circle @ Circle is where "Circles' Stars" come out at night!  A Metaphysical Salon inspired by those of Gertrude Stein and her "Charmed Circle"
Tom Osher, as Gertrude's reincarnationed brother Leo, will act as host to a variety of local Metaphysical Speakers, Practitioners and Artists who may speak at Circle of Miracles' Sunday Service, but make themselves available in a more intimate, personal setting on a weekday night! 

For questions or to RSVP:
Tom (267) 235-5057; tomosher@gmail.com

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