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with Liza Beasley
Starts:  4/6/2017 7 PM
Ends:  4/20/2016 8:30 PM
Location:  Circle Of Miracles
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Elizabeth (Liza) Beasley

Gentle Yoga 
First and Third Thursday of Every Month 
Cost: $15
Join Liza for a gentle Yoga class, including hand mudras , breathing techniques, and gentle Asana (poses), with medicinal Aromaratherapy Reiki mediation for Savasana. Everyone is welcome.  Poses can be adapted to ability.   

About Elizabeth (Liza) Beasley
I have been practicing Reiki since 2007. I learned Reiki to care for my mother who had been diagnosed with lung cancer. I also started my aromatherapy learning both for my own self care and to help her. I have trained with Barry Kapp and other Wisdom of the Earth teachers, also with I.S.H.A. Institute of Spiritual Healing Association.  I studied Yoga at Prancing Peacock and have an AAAI certification. I have used my yoga practice to  heal my body multiple times and routinley as a moving meditation. I use essential oils and Reiki to create a meditation in Savasana (Yoga pose and breathwork in which effects of the practice are allowed to take hold and penetrate deep into the self). 

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