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with Rev. Annabella Wood
Starts:  4/3/2017 7 PM
Ends:  4/3/2017 9 PM
Location:  Circle Of Miracles
Rev. Annabella Wood

Science and Spirituality Workshop 

In this 6 session class we will dive deeply into the workings of the universe and the world views science and spirituality have afforded us so far. We will look into the past to see how we got to this place, the present and sit in the reverie of this new understanding of science through spirituality and spirituality through science. Then we will look into the future which shows great promise of our healing. Giant leaps of our understanding of our place in the universe will lead to our participation in a living, conscious universe which has been patiently waiting for us, the human race, to mature to a state where we can take our place as loving, contributing universal citizens.

About Annabella:

Rev. Annabella Wood has studied the impress of the mind on reality since the early 1990's. As an undergraduate at Bryn Mawr College she was awarded a Fullbrite Scholarship to research the nature of thought under the direction of Dr. Grobestein, a neurobiologist. She was eventually invited to leave the Bryn Mawr Physics program because of her outspoken opinion that consciousness was an essential component for accurate scientific conversation. She went on to earn her bachelor's degree in Spirituality, Religion and Holistics from Union Institute and University. She is also a certified Level 1 Delegate of Resonance Academy, where she studied Unified Physics under Nassim Haramein. She is a graduate and teacher at the Circle of Miracles Ministry School and our Minister of Music. She is also a singer, professional handywoman and the Truck Driving Mama.

To register please contact Rev. Annabella at 760-559-0926 or email annabella@annabellawood.com

Cost: $25 per person per class

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