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          • July 12, 2015, 12:30-2:30 pm
          • August 30, 2015,12:30-2:30 pm
          • September 13, 2015,12:30-2:30 pm
    • Next Ministry Class begins September 25, 2015

Please call 215-598-8002 or 267-218-4254 for a personal consultation. 

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Circle Of Miracles is a nondenominational/interfaith church. That means, we are multi-faith, welcoming all religions, and seek to foster personal Spiritual connection. 

The Ministry School is designed to encompass diverse religious approaches and spiritual paths, realizing we are not a separate self, but a unique expression of the Singular Reality one may call God. This is not a new religion, it is not about religion, it is about a genuine experience of Divinity. Many who attend the Sunday Celebrations and the Ministry School maintain their connection with a particular religion. Circle Of Miracles is about exploration, development, and enrichment of a deep personal philosophy of True Being.

The curriculum incorporates classroom structure along with independent study, experiential workshops, a community service outreach project, and a practicum. 

The School of Ministries meets for a total of 11 weekend classes. They are comfortably spaced approximately 6 to 8 weeks apart over 18 months. Please contact us for details and dates.


These major areas of concentration reflect the unique holistic approach to ordination as a Circle Of Miracles Minister:
  • Ministerial Skills: As an ordained Circle Of Miracles minister, you will legally be able to officiate weddings, funerals, baby-namings, and facilitate your own nondenominational service/celebration.
  • Spiritual Coaching: Study, learn and use Sacred Listening, Compassionate Communication, Ethics, Principles for Guidance in Spiritual Affairs
  • Spiritual Practice: Examine your connection to Spirit/God through deep personal inquiry, Prayer, Meditation, and Journaling
  • World Spirituality: Find commonalities among the major world religions to understand the Oneness through research, reflection, and authentic experience
  • Body-Awareness: Bring awareness of Spirit's interaction with our physical being
  • Metaphysics: Study ultimate underlying principles and theories of existence; the intersection of Science and Spirituality
  • Business & Law: Provide information for ministers to serve, and operate within the boundaries of the law
  • Public Speaking With Ease: Learn an easy formula to powerfully start, deliver & end a talk
The School offers many inspiring opportunities for self exploration, development and spiritual growth, as well as the practicalities of being an interfaith minister.